Cambridge wins debate about Germany abandoning Europe


I recently blogged about Tim taking part in a prestigious international debate  covering some rather contentious issues.

I’m delighted to report that Tim’s team won the GRANDE FINALE debate that took place last night at Sciences Po’s major amphitheater in Paris.

In Tim’s words, straight off his Facebook site “Absolutely delighted to have won the Transatlantic Debating Competition tonight, massive thanks to Peter Morrissey, Lee Jia Wei and Michael Dunn Goekjian for being such wonderful teammates, as well as Rebecca Meredith for making it happen. Had a fantastic time in Paris, looking forward to getting up at 5.30 to leave this fair city.”

Cambridge was one of the two victorious semi-finalist teams who faced one another to debate the motion “This House Believes GERMANY SHOULD LET EUROPE DIE“.

At the time of writing I’ve been unable to ascertain whether Cambridge was proposing or opposing the motion. However, before anyone thinks to brand Tim or indeed Cambridge axenophobic I would like to point out that these debates are about the debating skills of the teams rather than whether or not they actually agree with the motion.

Check out the TRANSATLANTIC DEBATING CHAMPIONSHIP website for further details.


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